About Breadcrumbs

What are Breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs are motivational cards (a little larger than the size of business cards) with scriptures, sayings and/or questions that make people think about where they are in different areas of their lives. The information on these cards work to get them back in the moment…make them aware of who they are and look at what is going on in their life right now.

The idea is for people to read these cards and apply them to their lives. They can leave the cards behind for others to read or keep them to pass along later to someone else. Also, they can purchase their own set of Breadcrumbs and leave them in places for others to find.

Where They Go

Breadcrumbs can be left in locations where people congregate. Whether it is a doctor’s office or a convention center, a grocery store or a beauty salon, there is an opportunity for someone to pick up a Breadcrumb, read it and take action on it.

Breadcrumbs can make great gifts for people in your church, work or organization.

Why Breadcrumbs?

To Make Changes. Breadcrumbs serve to make people aware that no matter how bad things may be, there is time to look at where they are now, make a decision to change and act on it…and they have the opportunity to make that change today.

To Be Intentional. Every year we plan and hope to make changes but we get busy with life that we don’t do the things we need to do to be intentional about our lives.

To Increase Awareness. Breadcrumbs increases awareness as well as reminds us of what we need to be doing to continuously improve.

To Help Others. We all are here for the sole purpose of serving God and other people. Breadcrumbs are a way to help others. Leaving a Breadcrumb behind is like leaving a reminder for someone else to take action on their life and allowing them to help others as well.

To Make An Impact. We don’t really know what type of impact we can have on others if we don’t take action. Breadcrumbs is your chance to take action in a small way that will make a big difference.

Make a difference…
…leave a breadcrumb

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