While the Breadcrumb cards offer inspiration and motivation in all areas of our lives, there are also workshops available (online or in person) which can provide additional benefits such as:

Inspiration – learning from the instructor and other participants

Networking – meeting others and building relationships

Fun – interacting and gaining more knowledge in a friendly and fun environment

Motivation – refreshing or resetting to be inspired to set better goals for self-improvement

Nothing can replace human interaction. Learning in an open and friendly atmosphere helps us retain what has been learned through our senses of:

Sight – seeing in person makes discussions and helpful tips more memorable

Touch – physical movement helps us remember important points

Hearing – listening to the facilitator and other participants solidifies new concepts

Below are the workshops offered:

Career – help employees determine how to enjoy their work and increase motivation on the job

Finances – discuss the importance of spending and saving money wisely

Health – assist with setting goals to help us take care of our mind, body, and soul

Ministry – discover talents we have and what we can do with them to help others

Relationships – learn skills to improve communication, networking, and building great relationships

Spirituality – discover the importance of spiritual growth and how to grow closer to God

Any of these can be combined together or presented separately. We offer 2-3 hour workshops as well as all-day training.

At the end of each workshop, the participants will walk away with specific skills to apply, new habits to create, and concrete action steps to take that will help them be successful in every area of their lives.

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