Empower others to take action.

Breadcrumbs serve to make people aware that no matter how bad things may be, there is time to look at where they are now, make a decision to change and act on it…and they have the opportunity to make that change today.

Breadcrumbs Cards

Breadcrumbs are motivational cards (a little larger than the size of business cards) with scriptures, sayings and/or questions that make people think about where they are in different areas of their lives. Learn More


Breadcrumbs Workshops

While the Breadcrumb cards offer inspiration and motivation in all areas of our lives, there are also workshops available (online or in person) which can provide additional benefits. Learn More

Breadcrumbs E-Books

Take a deeper dive into books of the Bible with Breadcrumbs e-books. Purchase on Amazon

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I really enjoyed reading the book “Half Time” by Bob Buford. It is not so much about halftime in football but more about halftime in life. I read it over ten years ago during the halftime of my life. The … Continued