Jumpstart Your Day

Every morning when we wake up, we make a choice about how we want to feel. Some of us drag out of bed. Others of us jump out quickly because we slept too late. Most of the time, if we wake up early and excited about our day, it is possibly because we are going on a vacation and can’t wait to get there. Right? Let’s be honest. Most of us aren’t super eager to get out of bed in the morning.

It has been said that getting up earlier and having a morning routine helps us not only start off our day right but sets the pace for the day in a positive way. I can attest to this. I was one who got up just in time to get ready and get out the door. I was rushed and flustered all day just getting to where I needed to be. I knew I needed to change. I was tired of being tired. After reading countless books and listening to those who had made the change of getting up earlier, I decided to do this as well.

It started about ten years ago. I got up an hour earlier and took some time to read, write, and spend quiet time thinking before getting ready for work. I even made the change from coffee with sugar to black coffee. That was a real jumpstart to my day. And a shock to my system. But it worked! I was able to set the pace for my day and get a lot done before my workday started. I decided to get up earlier and earlier until I had three hours of free time before I had to report to work. This change gave me a new outlook on getting up in the morning. I looked forward to “my time.”

After getting this new habit into place, I decided to wake up with a better attitude. I would think about what I was grateful for and I would decide to get excited about what I had to do that day before I even put my feet on the floor. I made the choice to have a better attitude about even those things that would normally drain me. I can really tell a difference in my day. I am more positive and have a little more confidence than I have had in the past.

These early morning hours have helped me accomplish much more than I had ever accomplished prior to getting up earlier. It is amazing how a little bit of consistency every day can add up. It actually multiplies! My challenge to you is to decide to get up a little bit earlier tomorrow than you did today. Start small. Start with 15 minutes and when you get used to it, add another 15 minutes. Decide the night before how you want to spend that time and then get excited about it when you wake up. Need some ideas of things to do? Here are a few:

Make your bed – honestly, it only takes a second, but it will be your first accomplishment for the day.

Grab a glass of water – you have gone with water all night and your body needs it.

Brush your teeth and splash water on your face – that will help you wake up a bit.

Turn on some music – some people think or feel better with a little music.

Meditate or pray – a little quiet time to focus will do your mind good.

Journal – write down your thoughts, feelings, plans, etc.

Stretch – look up a few morning stretches that will wake up your body.

Read – find something uplifting or a self-help book that will charge your mind and help you improve.

Make plans – decide what you want to have done by the end of the day and make a plan.

Here are few not-to-do things when you first wake up:

Hit snooze – that extra 8-15 minutes of sleep is not worth it. Just get up.

Check emails – just don’t. They can wait.

Check social media – again, don’t. It can wait. This is your time.

Pick up your phone – just leave it right where it is until you finish your new routine.

There are many good things you can do to start your day that will get you on the right foot for the day. Practice this for a week and see how your feel. It will make a difference!